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Comagine Health Develops PICS Infographic to Guide Discussions After Discharge

Advances in medicine over the last several decades have resulted in more people surviving critical illnesses, allowing them to return home from the intensive care unit (ICU). While this is great news, many patients surviving a critical illness may develop health-related problems that impact the survivor and their loved ones. This condition is known as Post-Intensive Care Syndrome or PICS.

To bring awareness to your staff, your patients and their loved ones, Comagine Health collaborated with its Nevada Patient and Family Advisory Council to create an 8.5” x 14”  infographic that summarizes PICS, its signs and symptoms, and actions a patient or their loved ones can take to address the syndrome. This infographic can be downloaded and printed to post at the location of your choice or used as a handout for discussion with patients and their loved ones after discharge from intensive care.

Whether you work in acute care, rehabilitation, long-term post-acute care, skilled nursing, home health, primary care or specialty care, this information may serve you, your staff, and your patients and their loved ones well with an understanding of potential challenges during recovery from a critical illness.

Click here to download the infographic.

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