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Fourth Session of LTPAC Looking Beyond COVID-19 Series Focuses on Importance of Monitoring and Reassessing the Resident

As part of the nursing process, it is important to monitor and reassess residents after a change in condition is identified and a new care plan initiated. Monitoring the resident is essential to preventing their condition from worsening. Reassessment provides the opportunity to review the care plan and compare the assessment data to ensure the nursing interventions are still the most appropriate for the clinical situation. Leadership can support the capacity of staff in monitoring and reassessing the resident after a change in condition is identified by building a system that provides a fail-safe for these activities.

Comagine Health has launched a six-part affinity group series that explores the nuances of early detection of and intervention for changes in resident condition, and reinforces the link between staff resiliency and patient safety, specifically focusing on how interventions that prioritize the well-being of both residents and staff members often lead to the best outcomes. The webinars are unrecorded open forums to facilitate sharing and innovation.

On June 11, a group of providers from about 30 long-term and post-acute care facilities attended the fourth session, “Monitoring and Reassessing the Resident,” where they offered their tips, tools and best practices regarding this fundamental component of providing quality care.  Additionally, teams explored the importance of fostering a culture that supports psychological safety. Comagine Health has compiled their feedback and created a resource for your facility to reference.

As the series goes on, we will continue to curate the insights gained from these affinity group discussions, which will include session highlights, practice ideas from partners and actionable next steps you can bring back to your staff to begin growing skills and making improvements.

Don’t miss our next session in the Looking Beyond COVID-19: Detecting Change in Resident Condition and the Impact of Staff Resiliency series on July 9: Documenting Interventions and Resident Response to Care.

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