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Learning Collaborative Builds QI, Spring Topics Include Health Equity

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Driving Clinical Excellence During Unstable Times – Big Impact, Small Effort is a collaborative learning series designed to support efforts to comply with regulations, specifically Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI), and develop systems to continually address clinical practices in time efficient ways. Strategies for engaging all staff in QAPI activities will also be shared with the goal of implementing QAPI as intended.

In support of providing equitable and culturally appropriate healthcare, Savannah Smith, health equity program manager at Comagine Health, joined the April 6 session to share strategies on how to navigate cultural, social and linguistic needs of the patients. She shared evidence-based tools intended to assist delivering care to residents in a manner that is responsive and respectful to each person’s cultural and communication needs. Savannah will lead the May 4 session where participants will explore the potential impact of implicit bias on teamwork and resident care, and the importance of cultural humility when interacting with others.

About the Series

This series began in June 2022 with one-hour sessions held the first Thursday of each month. Building on knowledge presented each month, the series addresses foundational skills for quality improvement and promotes a 15-minute a day approach (the small effort). Topics included to date:

  • Using data to drive improvement, including ways to engage staff in collection, analysis and sharing data
  • Prioritizing opportunities for improvement
  • Building the story for change to engage staff
  • Identifying and using change champions
  • Increasing efficiency through alignment of organizational, team, and individual goals
  • Planning for sustainability
  • Incorporating health equity considerations

Two frameworks from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement provide the foundation for content, promoting development of a high reliability organization that supports joy in work to engage and retain staff. Every session highlights how applying the shared strategies incorporates elements from the framework to improve joy in work and supports staff retention, something every center is concerned with in today’s staffing environment.

Finding Success – One Administrator’s Story

Hear how one administrator implemented the 15-minute a day approach for QI: Bayview's Joel Smith Discusses Comagine Health's Driving Clinical Excellence Collaborative.

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