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Oregon Health Authority names Comagine Health as behavioral health support program contractor

Contract focuses on improving the quality of life for Oregonians with mental health conditions

The Oregon Health Authority named Comagine Health as the new Independent and Qualified Agent (IQA) for the behavioral health support program contract. This three-year contract ensures that Oregonians with severe and persistent mental illness are actively involved in directing their treatment through person-centered care planning. Additionally, the work includes connecting individuals with necessary resources and developing a coordinated care approach to improving their overall health. Comagine Health is currently beginning implementation preparation, and will begin direct work with these individuals by July 1, 2020.

“We’re excited to engage in such vital work in our community. The Oregon Behavioral Health Support Program provides services to one of the most vulnerable populations in our society: people with severe and persistent mental illness,” said Marc Bennett, Comagine Health’s president and chief executive officer. “The goals of the program align extraordinarily well with Comagine Health’s mission of taking on tough problems in health care in order to improve population health.”

Adults in Oregon who have been diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illness will qualify for services through the contract. Comagine Health will ensure that services and supports for these individuals are appropriately delivered by:

  • Performing functional needs assessments
  • Ensuring individuals are given options to choose among available settings and services
  • Guiding person-centered service planning with active involvement by the individuals themselves
  • Completing medical appropriateness reviews and prior authorizations for service
  • Managing transitions among settings
  • Providing consistent monitoring to ensure individuals are receiving the services, supports and transitions they need to best suit their individual needs and choices

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About Comagine Health

Comagine Health, formerly Qualis Health and HealthInsight, works collaboratively with patients, providers, payers and other stakeholders to reimagine, redesign and implement sustainable improvements in the health care system. As a trusted, neutral party, we work in our communities to address key, complex health and health care delivery problems. In all our engagements and initiatives, we draw upon our expertise in quality improvement, care management, health information technology, analytics and research. We invite our partners and communities to work with us to improve health and redesign the health care delivery system. For more information, please visit

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