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As In-Person Nursing Home Surveys Resume, Preparation Important First Step

In-person surveys for nursing home facilities have restarted for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020. In this first installment of a seven-part series, get tips on how being prepared can help your staff and center be survey ready.

Now that in-person nursing home surveys have returned, many facility employees are finding themselves unprepared, which could lead to a high number of citations and/or extending the amount of time a surveyor is in the building.

To help you make sure you are ready for coming surveys, Comagine Health is publishing a seven-part series of articles.

In each installment we will highlight specific areas to focus on for the week, suggest processes to implement and provide helpful resources. We encourage you to follow the series and review internal processes to determine if there are specific areas that need to be updated, revised or implemented.

Some resources to help prepare for surveys:

Getting Focused — Team and Tools

Preparing for a survey is a team effort that involves leadership and may need to include staff from various roles in some areas. Surveyors can show up at any time for any type of survey, so you should assume you are always “in the survey window.”

Once you have determined areas to focus on and the resources needed to prepare for the survey, the next step is to get organized. We will cover tips on organization in the next installment.

Other Survey Readiness Topics

Get Organized

Have Adequate Documentation

Staffing, Competencies, Vaccine Tracking & Documentation

Quality of Care and Data Review

Infection Prevention


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