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Support Tools Available for Long-Term Care Facilities to Report COVID-Related Data to NHSN

If you’re a long-term care facility, you’ve already been using the COVID-19 Resident Impact and Facility Capacity Reporting Pathway to submit weekly COVID-19 surveillance, but there are also two other options available for reporting COVID-related data to NHSN.

Resources available to help address some NHSN issues:

Contact Lisa Barton if you have any questions about data reporting or would like free technical assistance with NHSN, including help with:

  • Adding/editing/deactivating users
  • Enhancing security access to Level 3 to utilize other modules
  • Downloading NHSN data reports

Conferred Rights:  Comagine Health encourages facilities to confer rights to their state’s Comagine Health group so we can access the reported data, spot errors in reporting and provide better technical support when needed. Please contact Lisa Barton to receive instructions on how to confer rights/grant access to the appropriate Comagine Health group.  

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