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How Misinformation Leads to Vaccine Hesitancy

By John Vassall, M.D., Physician Executive, Quality and Safety | Blog,  06/16/2021,   0 comments

We’re back for part two of our series with Dr. John H. Vassall, physician executive for Quality, Safety and Equity.

In our first conversation with Dr. Vassall, we covered the basics of vaccine safety and hesitancy. Dr. Vassall, one of our state’s top experts on vaccine safety, also shared his advice for discussing vaccines with loved ones.

These discussions are important, especially as we work toward full vaccination across Washington. In today’s post, we dive into how misinformation can grow into vaccine hesitancy. We also cover system inequities, and ways for addressing them in our communities.


A lot of hesitation can be attributed to misinformation. How can we address the false information on the…



How to Address Vaccine Hesitancy With Your Loved Ones

By John Vassall, M.D., Physician Executive, Quality and Safety
Blog,  05/28/2021,   0 comments

As vaccinations ramp up, so do our hopes of putting the pandemic behind us. But our path to a post-pandemic Washington requires an all-in effort. And it’s one that may hit close to home. You may have heard friends or family express concerns about getting vaccinated. Perhaps you have your own reservations. We call this vaccine hesitancy, and it’s perfectly normal.

In March the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) found that 21% of…


Building Successful Vendor Relationships

By Nick Faulkner, MBA, PMP, Consulting Director
Blog,  05/12/2021,   0 comments

We recently sat down with Comagine Health’s director of Health IT Consulting, Nick Faulkner, to talk about how state and federal agencies can build successful collaborative relationships with vendors.

Nick will be taking part in a panel discussion of the topic at the State Healthcare IT Connect Summit, May 17-21, 2021.

What do you recommend agencies do to set themselves up for success with new vendors?

It’s important to prioritize straightforward, open…

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