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Two Tactics to Improve Clinical Quality Data Validation

By Carolyn Brill, CPHIT, CHP, Quality Improvement Principal | Blog,  09/19/2019,   0 comments

When I work with clinics on quality improvement projects, it is sometimes difficult to engage teams in the work. They agree that improving the quality of care they provide to their patients is important, but they lack confidence in the data being used to monitor their improvements. Once they believe the data is accurate and reliable, they are more willing to fully participate in QI projects. These are two of the tactics I recommend for improving data validation:

Conduct a Mini Chart Audit

Mini chart audits are an effective and efficient method for verifying the veracity of data. It’s important that the audit team includes both a clinical staff member and an electronic health record analyst who understands where in the…


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Paramedicine Collaborative Helps Patients and Reduces Overutilization

By Jessica Burkard, Quality Improvement Consultant
Blog,  08/19/2019,   0 comments

When people with complex medical and social needs have little support or resources, they may rely on emergency service providers for nonemergent care and even companionship. These high utilizers can overburden emergency medical services and emergency departments, preventing them from addressing true emergencies. The Pierce County Paramedicine Collaboration is a community-driven project to reduce overutilization of emergency medical systems and hospital services by high utilizers while…

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Behavioral Health Integration Bridges the Gap Between Mind and Body

By Bre Holt, MPH, Senior Director, Practice Transformation
Blog,  08/07/2019,   0 comments

Five years ago, I had a family member struggling with depression. The medication they had been taking wasn’t effective anymore. They visited their primary care provider, who said they should see a psychiatrist and handed over a piece of paper with four names and phone numbers. Once at home, my family member made four calls and learned that none of the psychiatrists were taking new patients. They were back to square one, except now feeling that even their own doctor couldn’t assist them.…

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