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Data as a Catalyst for Improving Health Care Quality and Lowering Costs
As Comagine Health moves forward following our recent merger of HealthInsight and Qualis Health, we bring a variety of skills, talents and business lines together. How will we… more
The Medicare Annual Wellness Visit: A Regularly Scheduled Service for Prevention and Wellness
Cars and I have a love-hate relationship — I love the convenience of getting where I need to go anytime I want to, but I hate them for the ever-increasing expenses involved in… more
Can the Medical-Dental Collaborative Model Lower the Cost of Cardiovascular Disease?
Twenty years ago, psychologist Daniel J. Simons created the now-classic “gorilla experiment” video. When he asked viewers to count the number of times a group of people passed a… more
Embracing Challenges and Accommodating Risk as a Driver of Transformation in the QIO Program
Change is in the air. Even as we formally launched our new company earlier this month, our Comagine Health team was hard at work on a fundamental reimagining of the work we do for… more
Data + Structured Quality Improvement: Dynamic Duo for the Front Lines of Opioid Interventions
Data evaluations can be extremely motivating. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention began reporting on the opioid epidemic, health care providers and the public were… more
What’s Emerging from the Merger? A Big News Update
The day is here! We’re officially launching the new company created by the merger between Qualis Health and HealthInsight. We’re excited. And as you learn more, we think you will… more
We All Care, a Whole Awful Lot
When we entered Conference Room 1 of the Federal Reserve building in Birmingham, Alabama, rows of brightly colored gift bags greeted us at our seats. Inside was a copy of the… more
What’s your Why?
Diabetes Alert Day was March 26, and our team was busy working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), health systems, health plans and community-based… more
Flexibility, Balance and Work That Matters: Thriving in a Tight Labor Market
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports on employment and labor information in more ways than you can imagine and is a goldmine of geekdom for human resources nerds… more
Reflections on the CMS Quality Conference
During the last week of January, over 3,000 people gathered in Baltimore for the 2019 CMS Quality Conference. Every year, CMS convenes its contractors and stakeholders to explore… more