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Katie Bates (not verified)

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 02:28 pm

This is so true! When a patient is at the hospital they have access to not only medical providers, but also to social workers, case managers, mental health providers, etc etc. The problem is the moment they leave the hospital and see their PCP’s these resources are rarely available. We need to be focusing on prevention and health maintenance in the outpatient setting instead of emergency intervention in the hospital when things have gotten unmanageable. Instead of putting out fires what if we prevented them or at least kept them from becoming raging infernos? Somehow we need to figure out an effective system that provides mental health services that are easily accessible in family practice. Whether that means more incentives for those considering careers in mental health, better use of tele-health or mobile health units, or increased mental health screenings for ALL patients, with a little creativity/innovation PCP’s could increase access to mental health and offer much needed multidisciplinary healthcare for their patients.