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Emergency Preparedness

Current Closures


  • 382562 — FMC Milton Freewater
  • 382569 — FMC Sandy Dialysis
  • 382582 — DaVita Foster Powell Dialysis

Report Closures or Service Interruptions

Report to the Network any changes impacting normal facility operations, schedules or access to treatment as a result of power outage, impassable roads or evacuation. Notify the Network as soon as there is a known problem — including outside of business hours.

Guide to Reporting Emergency Events to the Network


Resources for Providers


Local Support and Supplies

CMS requires facilities to contact their local disaster management agency at least annually and as needed for support with restoration of services or to obtain medical resources such as PPE in the event of a disaster or an emergency.


Network’s Role in Emergencies

Comagine Health ESRD Network 16 is required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to conduct emergency preparedness and response activities to assist the renal patient and provider communities in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

In preparation for emergencies, the Network:

  • Encourages dialysis facilities to plan for emergency situations
  • Provides technical assistance in the development of emergency plans
  • Provides educational materials to the patient and provider community on topics related to emergency/disaster
  • Develops an internal Network plan for preparedness and response, including arrangements with backup Networks if local operations are impaired

During emergency responses, and per HIPAA and CMS policy, the Network:

  • Disseminates central contact numbers for dialysis providers in the affected area to assist patients and providers in coordinating the provision of dialysis services
  • Posts information about open and closed status of facilities on the Network website
  • Assists patients with contacting dialysis providers to arrange treatment
  • Assists family members with locating displaced patients
  • Assists treating facilities with obtaining necessary information to care for patients
  • Works with CMS or its contractor to maintain a database tracking system for patient whereabouts (dialysis centers and/or shelter locations)
  • Hosts conference calls with CMS, providers, vendors and other entities to coordinate care for patients
  • Enacts backup Network arrangements if our Network office operations are compromised. We have a CMS-approved mutual backup agreement with ESRD Network 2 in New York.

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