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Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is when a kidney from another person (living or deceased) is placed inside your body to do the work that your own kidneys can no longer do. With a kidney transplant you can live a normal life and do not require any form of dialysis while the kidney continues to function. Every patient has the right to be referred and evaluated for a transplant.

You need to pass some medical tests to get a transplant. These tests look to see if your body is healthy enough for the surgery and if you will be able to take the medications needed after surgery to help your body adapt to the new kidney.

Trained staff work with you to determine if transplant is right for you. If you have been told by one transplant center that you are not a candidate, you may qualify at another transplant center with different criteria.

Your doctor should discuss all of the risks and benefits of kidney transplant. Transplants are not always successful. If your transplant fails, you can still pursue other treatment options and get back on the transplant list.

Transplant Centers Selection Criteria

Kidney transplant facilities have differing criteria for their prospective kidney transplant patients. Patients and dialysis providers can review our Transplant Centers Selection Criteria Matrix and then choose the transplant facility that has the closest match for the patient. This matrix is not meant to be the only source of information used when choosing a transplant facility.

Transplant Centers Selection Criteria Matrix

Living Kidney Donation

Oregon Transplant Centers

Washington Transplant Centers

Kidney Transplant Resources

Transplant Financial Assistance