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EQRS Training and Support

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Applying for EQRS CROWNWeb/QIP Access

Admission/Discharge Instructions

Updating Patient Attributes/Attribute History

CMS Forms 2728 and 2746

Once a 2728 or 2746 form has been submitted in EQRS, only the QualityNet Help Desk can make changes.

CMS-2744 (Annual Facility Survey)

The CMS-2744A is completed annually by all Medicare-certified dialysis facilities. It collects information about patient and treatment counts at a dialysis facility for the prior calendar year along with facility and staffing information.

The CMS-2744B is completed annually by all Medicare-certified transplant centers and collects information about kidney transplants performed, Medicare information and patients awaiting transplant.

Network staff are available for 30-minute, one-on-one appointments to help you complete the CMS-2744.

CMS-2744 Resources

Network Resources

CMS Resources