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Technical Assistance


  • Provide education and assistance regarding CMS requirements
  • Communicate essential information and safety alerts via mail, email, ESRD Bulletin or fax
  • Represent the needs of the renal community, patients and providers to CMS
  • Develop collaborative partnerships to promote improved quality outcomes for patients
  • Inform facilities about Network goals and activities

Quality Improvement

  • Provide education and assistance regarding CMS/Network-directed QI projects
  • Clarify instructions for clinical data collection
  • Provide expertise and education on vascular access issues
  • Assist with resources for the Conditions for Coverage implementation for dialysis facilities
  • Assist facilities with developing internal Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Programs (QAPI) and action plans
  • Provide education and information on immunizations (hepatitis, pneumococcal and influenza)
  • Provide QIP and DFR education and intervention planning
  • Assist with water quality and water treatment issues

Community Information and Patient Services

  • Assist with resolution of complaints and grievances
  • Assist in identifying treatment options for patients
  • Provide case consultation
  • Assist with managing challenging situations and potential involuntary discharges/transfers
  • Assist with development of emergency preparedness plans and patient/staff education Locate patient transient dialysis care
  • Educate on vocational rehabilitation
  • Provide resources and referrals for ESRD-related education and community resources
  • Assist with development of patient education programs

Data/Information Management

  • Provide education and assistance regarding CMS forms compliance (2728, 2746, 2744)
  • Provide training to facilities on using EQRS and CROWNWeb
  • Review CMS-issued reports and notify facilities of actions needed
  • Process data requests from facilities
  • Assist with access to CMS systems including EQRS, QIP, NHSN and
  • Assist facilities in maintaining timely, accurate data in EQRS and CROWNWeb
  • Provide statistical data regarding patient populations
  • Educate facilities on preventing security violations

Contact Us

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Phone: 206-923-0714

Fax: 206-923-0716


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