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Webinar: Community Health Workers and Opioid Use Harm Reduction

Tue, 10/4/2022 at 11:00 am - Tue, 10/4/2022 at 12:00 pm (PDT)

Community Health Workers play an integral role in connecting people with the care they need. As many Americans struggle with the impacts of the opioid epidemic, Community Health Workers play an even more important role in the work of reducing the number of accidental overdoses and deaths caused by opioids.

Comagine Health invites community partners, physician offices and hospital staff to discuss community-based solutions to managing chronic care diseases, decrease unnecessary emergency department admissions and reduce 30-day readmissions.

This hourlong webinar will feature two speakers:

Erik Schoen, chief executive officer at Community Chest, will discuss the challenges that have made it historically difficult to develop health and human services capacity throughout rural Nevada. He will also share how Community Health Workers are being utilized in reducing harm and hospitalizations, including strides taken to mitigate harm from opioid use. 

Jamee Millsap, Substance Use Prevention and Treatment program manager at Comagine Health, will provide information on identifying and responding to an opioid overdose using naloxone. She will discuss the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of accidental overdose and overdose fatalities. 

At the end of the webinar, there be an open forum for sharing best practices, successes and learnings.

About the Speakers:

Erik Schoen is the Executive Director for Community Chest, a nonprofit that works with rural Nevada communities to provide sustainable and integrated health and human services that help residents not only survive but thrive.

Jamee Millsap serves as Substance Use Prevention and Treatment program manager at Comagine Health. Her work focuses on addressing and improving outcomes for those impacted by the opioid epidemic. Jamee has over 20 years' experience working with persons directly affected by substance use.

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