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About Desert Meadows AHEC

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Collaboration among community organizations to foster interprofessional education through cooperation



Building a pipeline for quality and qualified health care workforce in Southern Nevada



  • Social responsibility through service to the community to meet the unmet needs in health care
  • Focus on educational excellence with collaboration and synergy
  • Service to education and population
  • Build on experiences, through progressive, innovative and evidence-based educational opportunities
  • Create opportunities for the future


Program Goals

  • Interprofessional development among collaborative organizations to develop a pipeline for other disciplines
  • Foster improved level of communication between disciplines
  • Strong representation from colleges and universities and other organizations that can support communication
  • Interprofessional education conference to examine case studies on how to interact with other disciplines and understand how they intertwine
  • Pipeline to help scholars select their discipline by receiving education on what is involved in professions with panels of professionals to enrich the