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Nevada AHEC Frequently Asked Questions

Nevada AHEC Program

  • What is the goal of the Nevada AHEC Program?

    The purpose of the Nevada AHEC Program is to meet the needs of the communities we serve through robust community-academic partnerships, with a focus on recruiting, training and developing our health care workforce.

    The Nevada AHEC aims to increase quality and qualified health care workforce in Nevada through building a health care careers pipeline by recruiting young individuals.

    The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program seeks to develop future leaders in health care by providing interdisciplinary training to college and university students across the state. AHEC Scholars are encouraged to stay in Nevada following completion of their studies to improve quality of care with a focus on rural and/or underserved urban communities. There are three chapters of the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program: Desert Meadows AHEC in Southern Nevada, Frontier AHEC in rural Nevada, and High Sierra AHEC in Reno.

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Nevada AHEC Scholars Program

  • Who is eligible to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    Students enrolled in two-year degree programs focused on health care are eligible to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program. This includes clinical and non-clinical degree programs.
  • Are graduate students eligible to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    Yes. This includes master’s, professional and doctoral students in clinical and non-clinical health care related degree programs.
  • What are the eligible academic programs of Nevada AHEC Scholars?
    Applicants to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program must be enrolled in clinical or non-clinical health care related programs of study that are at least two years in duration. Examples include the following:
    • Biology
    • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    • Dental Medicine
    • Health Care Administration and Policy
    • Marriage and Family Therapy
    • Medicine
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Psychology
    • Public Health
    • Social Work
    • Other health care related fields
  • I am a part-time student. Am I eligible to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    Yes. Students who are enrolled in at least six credit hours during Fall and Spring semesters you are eligible to apply.
  • I am less than two years away from graduation. Am I still eligible to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    Nevada AHEC Scholars may start the program with less than two years to graduation. Many go on to graduate studies or enter internship, apprenticeship or residency programs while completing the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program.
  • Is there a deadline to apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    While there is no set deadline to apply, the Nevada AHEC Scholars program includes a competitive application process, so we encourage students to submit online applications the first few weeks of the fall or spring semester. We establish cohorts of Nevada AHEC Scholars to have the opportunity to learn and engage with each other throughout their time in the program through educational opportunities and social events.
  • How can students apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program accepts applications online. Interested students can apply here.
  • What happens after I apply to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program?
    Those who are accepted to the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program will receive an email with instructions on how to schedule your one-on-one orientation and review and sign necessary paperwork. If you are not invited to join the Nevada AHEC Scholars Program, you will also receive email notification.
  • What do Nevada AHEC Scholars learn during their time in the program?
    Nevada AHEC Scholars participate in a variety of interdisciplinary training opportunities via interactive online learning and in-person experiences. The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program focuses learning opportunities on the following:
    • Interprofessional education
    • Behavioral health integration
    • Social determinants of health
    • Cultural competency
    • Practice transformation
    • Current and emerging health issues

    Nevada AHEC Scholars are also offered opportunities to relax and connect as peers during social events.

  • Can Nevada AHEC Scholars complete the required 80-hour classroom and 80-hour clinical experience hours in less than two years?
    Yes. AHEC Scholars can complete required hours ahead of the program’s two-year timeframe. The AHEC Scholars Program’s online learning opportunities allow scholars to complete modules and activities self-paced. Scholars may also be eligible to have their college/university degree program internship and/or practicum hours applied toward their clinical experience hours in the AHEC Scholars Program.
  • What clinical and community experiences are available to Nevada AHEC Scholars?
    The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program partners with institutions and organizations across the state to provide hands-on, interdisciplinary learning opportunities. Participating institutions and organizations include the following:
    • Clark County Health District
    • Nevada Health Centers
    • Southern Nevada Health District
    • The Perry Foundation
  • Why should I apply to be a Nevada AHEC Scholar?
    The Nevada AHEC Scholars Program provides students supplementary education with dynamic online education and real-world experiences through interdisciplinary training. In addition, Nevada AHEC Scholars have opportunities for networking and job placement. You can read about the Nevada AHEC Scholars experience from current scholars here (add hyperlink to testimonies).
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