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Patients and Families

The Alabama Medicaid Agency pays for inpatient medical services for those who meet certain income requirements. It is a state and federally funded program that covers costs for:

  • Newborns
  • Pediatrics
  • Adults

Comagine Health’s Role

We are contracted by Alabama Medicaid to improve health care outcomes for recipients we serve. Qualified Alabamian health care professionals work to see that the right people get the right services at the right time.


During the current COVID-19 emergency, Comagine Health is fully staffed and business operations are not interrupted.

For utilization review and related activities, we are continuing to process requests and answer calls via our toll-free numbers during standard business hours. We have business continuity plans in place to serve our clients, health care providers, recipients and communities while also protecting our staff and minimizing the spread of the illness.

Appeal a Denied Service

Submit a request for an appeal to Comagine Health. For questions, contact the Alabama Medicaid Agency Recipient Inquiry Helpline at 800-362-1504.

Get Answers to Your Questions About Alabama Medicaid

If you have questions about the Alabama Medicaid program, call the Alabama Medicaid Agency Recipient Inquiry Helpline at 800-362-1504, or visit the Alabama Medicaid Agency website.