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Data Connect

Data Connect is an essential tool for tracking measures and performance outcomes that are important to the health of your patients and the financial vitality of your practice.

Free to Oregon primary care and women’s health practices, Data Connect provides you with results for dozens of quality, utilization and expenditure measures for your own medical group, practice, providers and individual patients.

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If you have an Oregon Provider Reporting Portal account, you do not need to register for Data Connect.

Learn More About Data Connect

Data Connect gives administrators, quality improvement professionals and others at Oregon primary care and women’s health practices access to results for dozens of quality, utilization and expenditure measures.

Powered by data from 11 payers — including commercial health plans, Medicaid and Medicare — as well as sophisticated analysis, Data Connect enables you to quickly and easily:

  • View trends over time to track quality improvement efforts and outcomes
  • Generate custom comparison and trend reports for specific clinics, providers or patient populations
  • Compare provider and clinic results with state and national benchmarks

How Can You Use Data Connect?

Practices have used Data Connect to identify a variety of quality improvement and cost containment opportunities. For example, one primary care clinic was able to see that breast cancer screening rates were consistently lower among their patients who were Medicare beneficiaries than in their other payer populations. The clinic designed a specific intervention — mobile mammography — to better meet the needs of their Medicare population.

Contact Us

For more information about Data Connect, including custom reporting for your organization, please contact us.

Data Connect and Public Reporting

A subset of the measures in Data Connect are incorporated into Comagine Health’s Compare Your Care tool. Compare Your Care uses select data from Data Connect to calculate quality and cost of care scores for Oregon health care providers and makes these scores available to the public.

Clinics with three or more providers on their Data Connect roster are automatically included in Compare Your Care and may use it to satisfy PCPCH Standard 2.B — Public Reporting. Clinics with fewer than three providers are excluded from Compare Your Care but may opt in by submitting a Public Reporting Clinic Opt-In Request form.