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Partnership to Advance Tribal Health (PATH)





Improving Health for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Improving Quality of Care by Implementing Best Practices and Identifying Operational Improvement Needs

Comagine Health is partnering with Indian Health Service (IHS) and their hospitals to improve the health of American Indian and Alaska Native people. Together, we aim to continuously improve the quality of care by implementing best health care practices and identifying other operational improvement needs. This three-year initiative is being funded by the Center for Standards and Quality at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Partnership to Advance Tribal Health (PATH)

Recognizing the complexity of this work, Comagine Health has assembled a strategic partnership bringing together four Quality Innovation Networks, a non-profit Quality Improvement Organization-like entity and a tribal consultation advisory subcontractor to serve the needs of the 25 IHS-managed hospitals being served. In addition, Comagine Health is coordinating efforts with the Premier Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HIIN).

These organizations have expertise and experience in quality improvement and working in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Comagine Health will remain the QIN-QIO dedicated to IHS and will lead the work to ensure a unified approach for IHS hospitals. 

PATH will support IHS hospitals to:

  • Develop leaders through training and networking
  • Build strong hospital systems through team-based care and clinical quality improvement
  • Strengthen patient, family and tribal engagement
  • Promote and spread best practices in hospitals
  • Ensure that clinical, operational and safety standards are met or exceeded
  • Assist with the development of hospital improvement plans
  • Establish baseline data to ensure plans for improvement are successful and sustainable

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Patient, Family and Tribal Engagement

A very important aspect of this work is to assure inclusion of American Indian and Alaska Native culture, tradition and personal wishes. Patient, family and tribal engagement will be assessed and the results will be used to strengthen the relationships between the hospitals and the communities. Input from patients, families and tribal communities will be used in the quality improvement planning and progress will be reported back to these groups.