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PATH On-Demand Training

Candid Conversations Audiocast Series

The Candid Conversations is an audiocast series where we will be discussing real life examples and challenges experienced by both patients and staff in emergency care settings. As we listen to these patient stories, we will reflect on what changes could potentially lead to more positive outcomes and how we can work together to improve the patient and provider experience. Throughout the series, some of the areas we will be discussing are:

  • What things contribute to the Length of stay of Emergency Department patients?  
  • Why are some patients leaving before they are seen by a provider?  
  • Are there ways to improve the triage or Medical Screening Exam times?  
  • The importance of timely Follow up phone calls?  
  • Do patients have access to appropriate levels of care? 

 We hope you find these conversations helpful as we work to support systems, staff, patients, and family members in understanding what each of our roles are in improving the overall experience in these healthcare settings. 

Candid Conversations Episode 1: Should I Stay, Should I Go - When to Use the ED (audiocast)

Candid Conversations Episode 1: Key Terms
In session 1 we will discuss a patient scenario that resulted in a patient presenting to the ED after not being able to schedule an appointment with his primary care provider. The patient eventually ends up leaving the ED after having a long wait time. Join us to hear what ideas and suggestions we come up with.

We want to hear from you. Please provide feedback, suggest future topics and share your own stories.

Quality  Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI)

Quality Assurance or Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) is about analyzing and translating data into action to improve quality, safety and experience in the health care setting. The following videos outline the basics of QAPI programs and processes and are helpful as foundational knowledge for new staff, annual staff education, and development of improvement leaders and champions.

Leading Change for Improvement

Leading organizations through change requires several key skills. The following videos outline key concepts and skills that department managers and supervisors, quality and safety leaders, executive leaders and governing body members, implementation champions, or any other facility leader can use to effectively lead performance improvement planning and activities.