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PATH Resources

Responding to Public Health Emergencies 

CDC Comprehensive Hospital Preparedness Checklist for COVID-19 (slides)

The Facts About MIS-C and Children Poster 8.5 x 11

COVID-19 Vaccination Huddle:

To request a copy of any of the notes for the topics listed below, please email

IHS Vaccine Plan and Workflow Overview

How Vaccines Work; Vaccine Clinic Design and Workflow, Part

Vaccine Clinic Design and Workflow, Part 2

Improving the COVID-19 Conversation

Setting up a Mass Vaccination Clinic

Motivational Interviewing and COVID-19 Acceptance

Updates on 3 Vaccines and on COVID-19 Variants

Approaches for Trauma-Informed Vaccine Rollout

Vaccine Uptake vs Hesitancy; and Successes in Indian Country

Coping With Mental Health Impacts of COVID-19

One Year Later: Celebrations and Reflections

Patient, Family & Tribal Engagement 

Patient and Family Engagement LAN (video recording)

Learning and Action Network:

The Journey to Trauma-Informed Care (recording)

Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) 

Improvement Plan Criteria Checklist

QAPI Review Worksheet

QI Continuum Worksheet

Reducing Waste in Health Care (video recording)

QAPI On-demand Training:

What is QAPI? (2 minutes, 12 seconds)

Why QAPI Matters (2 minutes)

What Does QAPI Require? (1 minute, 36 seconds)

Who is Responsible for QAPI? (1 minute, 28 seconds)

What is a QAPI Program? (2 minutes 17 seconds)

What is a QAPI Plan? (1 minute 32 seconds)

How Do We Know What to Improve? (3 minutes, 31 seconds)

What is a PI Project? (1 minute, 58 seconds)

How Do You Structure a PI Project? (4 minutes, 2 seconds)

How Do You Define a Project Aim? (3 minutes, 56 seconds)

How Do We Know What Change to Test? (3 minutes, 12 seconds)

What Is Data? (2 minutes, 34 seconds)

How Do We Use Data for QAPI? (4 minutes) /p>

Doing It Well (2 minutes, 57 seconds)

Learning and Action Network:

Strategic Planning (recording)

Governing Body (recording)

Preparing for the Year Ahead (recording)

Sustaining Compliance