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Safe Opioid Stewardship Program for Long-Term Care Settings

Welcome to Comagine Health’s Safe Opioid Stewardship Program for Long-Term Care Settings. This page hosts essential resources that will help you build and enhance your opioid stewardship program as well as your substance use disorder supports and processes.  

Along with helpful resources and toolkits, you will find our facility self-assessment that will help us understand your strengths, areas of improvement, and program specific needs. 

Note: If you have landed on this page without our referral, we would like you to know that this program is still in a pilot phase, and we are working closely with our interdisciplinary advisory group as well as Dr. Melissa Cheng in order to create a well-rounded stewardship program. 

Complete Self-Assessment



Supporting Clinical Staff in Providing Consistent Care for Patients Using Opioids or with OUD


Psychosocial Treatment and Recovery Support Service



General Resources