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Quality Improvement Basics

Comagine Health looks to build capacity in our work with partners to improve health care. We know that sustained improvement requires more than just resources — it requires quality improvement skills among teams and leaders on the front line. To assist in the development of those skills, our quality improvement experts have created tools we know can help those interested in building capacity for change. These tools are generalizable and designed to help professionals in all settings work to identify, plan, test, spread and sustain process changes.

Forming a Comprehensive Strategy

The most impactful health care settings are those that demonstrate quality improvement as a regular practice. Our comprehensive guide to implement a quality improvement strategy will walk you through all you need to set your organization up for success.

Quality Improvement Strategy Implementation Guide

Project Planning and Management

Identifying desired outcomes, assigning tasks and setting deadlines are critical to realizing improvement and delivering results. Our planning table provides a simple way to document high-level goals while also organizing tasks needed to accomplish them.

Quality Improvement Planning Table

Quality Improvement Methods

Having the right tool for the right job is important regardless of task, including implementing process change. The following tools are meant to assist in the day-to-day work of quality improvement.