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Resident COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Comagine Health

The Resident COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker can help long-term and post-acute care facilities track and monitor the vaccination status of residents and quickly identify those who are vaccinated for COVID-19.

When COVID-19 vaccination data is entered for each individual resident in this tracking worksheet, the data to be entered will automatically be calculated on the reporting summary tab. The data that is auto calculated on the reporting summary tab can be helpful with identifying the counts to input for weekly reporting within the NHSN application for the desired reporting week.

NOTE: The individual will need to select the desired week for data entry in the reporting summary tab to ensure correct counts are being reported for the desired week.

This tracker was adapted from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and modified by Comagine Health to make it available for long-term and post-acute care facilities to use outside of Oregon.

A COVID-19 vaccination tracker for health care personnel is available for download here.