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Cohorting Policy: COVID-19

Comagine Health has created a template for Long Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) facilities to use when drafting and updating policies on cohorting of residents.  These templates are up to date with 2023 regulations and requirement guidelines from CMS (Center for Medicaid Services) and recommendations from CDC (Centers for Disease Control). 

The cohorting policy template is intended to be edited, replacing all italicized text with facility specific processes, to make valid for facility use. This policy is evaluated during surveys, and it is suggested to review and update them, at least annually.  A cohorting plan is a policy that provides instruction on “grouping” individuals into locations that are based on reducing the risk of disease transmission in LTC settings. 

We encourage you to look at these free templates to use or compare and update your current policies. 

A similar template policy is also available for visitation.