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Infection Prevention & Immunizations, COVID-19

Comagine Health’s education and consultation for infection prevention and control help protect staff and patients, create a standardized, evidence-based approach to infection prevention and mitigate costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Person-Directed Care, Patient Education & Activation

Increase your confidence as a caregiver. Recognize and prioritize your own needs — as well as those of your loved one — at home, in your community and especially when interacting with health care providers.

Medication Management & Stewardship, Infection Prevention & Immunizations, Heart Health, Diabetes

Assess the feasibility of and steps for implementing remote physiologic monitoring (RPM) at your organization.

Infection Prevention & Immunizations

Overview of teleservice categories, codes and reimbursement, as well as important actions to ensure timely, quality care and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Infection Prevention & Immunizations

Compilation of resources for Utah healthcare providers during the COVID-19 response.