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Systems Improvement, Quality Improvement Tactics, Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

A calculator that can assist practices in seeing how offering services like annual wellness visits, chronic care management and transitional care management can impact their clinic/practice financially. 

COVID-19, Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

Comagine Health’s advanced data analytics can help health care professionals — providers, payers and other stakeholders — see the broader impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and be better prepared to respond to it over the long term.

Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

Learn how to read a run chart...and get a better understanding of whether your quality measure results indicate an actual improvement or merely random variation.

Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

While health care organizations are actively responding to COVID-19, Comagine Health is preparing to offer advanced analytics to evaluate the pandemic’s broader impact. Learn how we can provide key insights to health care organizations that will be significantly affected by its long-term consequences.

Clinical Topics, Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

Producing Accurate Clinical Quality Reports for Population Health: A Delivery System-Oriented Approach to Report Validation - A Whitepaper

Data Collection, Reporting & Interpretation

How do you know changes you are making to processes or systems are actually leading to improvement? Use our run chart tool to track and display performance over time. Download the tool (a Microsoft Excel file) or contact us for a version compatible with Section 508 accessibility standards.