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Behavioral Health, Data and Transparency

Poster presented at the Addiction Health Services Research Conference, November 2020.

Data and Transparency, Quality Improvement

Learn how to read a run chart...and get a better understanding of whether your quality measure results indicate actual improvement or merely random variation.

COVID-19, Data and Transparency

While health care organizations are actively responding to COVID-19, Comagine Health is preparing to offer advanced analytics to evaluate the pandemic’s broader impact. Learn how we can provide key insights to health care organizations that will be significantly affected by its long-term consequences.

Behavioral Health, Data and Transparency

Slides from presentation at the Oregon Public Health Association Conference, October 2020.

COVID-19, Data and Transparency

Comagine Health’s analytic team has compiled COVID-19 heat maps displaying the number of Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries with three or more chronic conditions and total bed counts per county. The data includes two analyses using public sources, Medicare fee-for-service (FFS) and Oregon Data Collaborative data (All Payer All Claims Data), covering 80% of all Oregonians. This information should be used as a conversation starter in communities at most risk and can be used to help communities understand the location of populations at risk of severe illness with SARS-CoV-2 infection, and where those concentrations of at-risk beneficiaries are in relation to available hospital beds.

Behavioral Health, Data and Transparency
Poster presented at the National Prescription Drug and Heroin Summit, April 2020.

Data and Transparency, Population Health

White paper that describes the foundational aspects of data reporting, lays out a step-by-step process for identifying errors that contribute to report inaccuracy and provides tools to help with the process of validating your own clinical quality reports.

Behavioral Health, Data and Transparency

Learn about the Comagine Health Research and Evaluation team's projects, findings and accomplishments in 2020.

Behavioral Health, Community Programs, Data and Transparency, Equity, Population Health

Comagine Health’s research and evaluation team collaborates with academic, government and nonprofit partners to conduct behavioral and physical health studies. Our work focuses on prevention and treatment of substance use disorders, controlled substance prescribing practices, harm reduction interventions, initiatives to promote community health and equity, and development and testing of tools for professionals and patients.