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Contact Tracing

Comagine Health partners with public health departments and businesses to deploy comprehensive contact tracing and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As communities across the country attempt to reopen and lighten social distancing mandates, the risk of an infection resurgence remains high. Contact tracing helps prevent the spread of infection by ensuring exposed individuals do not interact with others and continue to spread the disease unknowingly.

Our standards-based, data-driven approach ensures early identification and intervention, promotes an evidence-based approach to ongoing treatment, identifies priority hot spots to address health disparities and mitigates impact on vulnerable populations.

Our Services

  • Outreach to COVID-19 positive individuals and their contacts by telephone and other communication methods
  • Assessment of needs to support isolation and testing access
  • Referrals to testing, social services and additional care
  • Patient education regarding hygiene, physical distancing and isolation best practices
  • Clinical advice line for COVID-19 positive individuals

Our Expertise

Patient Experience

Comagine Health’s highly skilled clinicians and case managers have decades of experience working closely with patients to deliver positive results.

Advanced Analytics

Our advanced analytics team supports our contact tracing efforts by collecting, maintaining, analyzing and sharing data, including identifying high-risk patients and hot spots.

Proven Reputation

Our long-standing relationships with state and local public health agencies ensure our contact tracing efforts are coordinated and effectively communicated, providing the best holistic care and outcomes for our communities.

We have established, trusted working relationships across a variety of settings including long-term care and skilled nursing facilities, public health agencies, tribal health agencies, rural and critical access hospitals, clinics serving disadvantaged populations, and non-health care-related essential services.

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Comagine Health’s SVP of clinical leadership, Dan Lessler, MD, MHA, discusses the importance of contact tracing during COVID-19.