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Data Solutions


Comagine Health’s health information technology consulting, analytics and external quality review services and products uncover key insights and inequities, driving action that leads to lasting improvement.

We work with public and private clients to satisfy state and federal regulations, achieve strategic goals, and make sense of the evolving health care landscape.

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Health Information Technology Consulting


With more than 40 years of health care consulting experience, Comagine Health understands the challenges of health IT projects, as well as established and emerging best practices for success. In all of our consulting engagements, we partner closely with our clients to help them thrive.

Our expertise includes:

  • Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES) projects
  • State Medicaid health IT plans
  • Eligibility system implementations — particularly modularity and interoperability
  • Other IT technical assistance

What We Do

  • IT project management, planning and analysis
  • Risk and security assessment
  • Independent verification and validation (IV&V)
  • Technical testing support for all phases of the software development life cycle
  • Business process consulting services
  • Procurement support (requirements gathering and documentation, RFP drafting, proposal evaluation assistance)



Comagine Health harnesses claims, clinical, social determinants of health and other health care data sources to create tools and reveal insights that enable data-driven decision making. We provide guidance on analytic approaches that ensure reliable, statistically valid results. Our services give clients the information they need to develop effective policies and innovative solutions that improve health care quality, efficiency and outcomes.

Our work includes:

  • Data science, advanced analytics and statistical projects
  • Analytic platforms and transparency websites
  • Measurement and reporting of performance measures

What We Do

  • All-payer claims database (APCD) operations, analytics and reporting
  • Clinical and administrative data analytics
  • Care management and population health analytics
  • Design, build and maintenance of analytic portals and websites
  • Quality improvement analytics
  • Quantitative research analytics
  • Measurement and reporting of health care cost, quality and utilization
  • Value-based care and health care cost consulting and analytics
  • Maternity data analytics and perinatal collaboratives

External Quality Review


For over 15 years, Comagine Health has delivered external review services to state Medicaid programs, ensuring they meet or exceed CMS EQR requirements. Our expert policy analysis helps states implement Medicaid waivers and other initiatives. Our clinical, analytic and programmatic expertise help Medicaid programs assess the impact of innovation projects and implement focus studies.

What We Do

  • Medicaid External Quality Review Organization (EQRO) services
  • Program evaluation and focus studies
  • Consumer and provider survey administration using CAHPS, MHSIP and other validated tools
  • Performance measure analysis and reporting
  • Value-based purchasing consulting and evaluation
  • Medicaid policy analysis

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Why Choose Comagine Health?

Partnering with Comagine Health helps you turn data into meaningful action. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, a collaborative approach and a customer service mindset to everything we do. With expertise and guidance from our skilled team, you can create positive, sustainable change.

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