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Comagine Health’s services support our mission to improve health and create a better health care system so that people and communities will flourish.

As a trusted, neutral party, we work with our partners to fix key, intractable health and health care delivery problems. In all our engagements and initiatives, we draw upon our deep expertise in quality improvement, care management, research and evaluation, and data solutions.



COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Comagine Health is helping communities and health care organizations respond to COVID-19. We bring decades of experience and a proven track record of addressing health care challenges. Together, we can restore our communities.

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Systemwide Quality Improvement

We collaborate with providers, payers and stakeholders across the health care spectrum, as well as community organizations and consumers, on systemic initiatives that improve care delivery and patient outcomes. By combining boots-on-the-ground experience with big picture views, we develop solutions that are in the best interests of all parties.

Quality Improvement


  • Convening stakeholders
  • Leading quality improvement initiatives
  • Aligning interests

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Care Management

Comagine Health’s care management services result in better clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction and increased cost savings. Our approach is customized for each client and patient using evidence-based criteria and medicine, data analysis, and deep clinical and technical proficiency gained through more than 40 years serving Medicaid agencies, workers’ compensation commissions and private insurers. We have full URAC accreditation in Case Management and Health Utilization Management.

Care Management

Research and Evaluation

Comagine Health collaborates with academic, government and nonprofit partners to conduct research and evaluation studies that inform program, community and policy improvements. Our work bridges the research-to-practice gap and advances studies that promote health and well-being in the context of communities' unique needs and challenges.

Consulting and Research


  • Program, practice and policy evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis
  • Translation of findings for dissemination to broad audiences

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Select Programs

  • Intervention to Increase Naloxone Engagement and Distribution in Community Pharmacies (RESPOND to PREVENT)
  • Overdose Data to Action — Evaluation of Oregon's Overdose Prevention Initiative
  • Oregon Measure 110 Process and Outcome Evaluations
  • Peer Recovery Initiated in Medical Establishments + Infectious Disease Testing and Linkage to Care (PRIME+)
  • Peers Expanding Engagement in Methamphetamine Harm Reduction With Contingency Management (PEER-CM)

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Data Solutions

Comagine Health’s Data Solutions products and services combine subject matter expertise with a collaborative, customer service-oriented approach. We work with public and private clients to meet state and federal regulations, achieve strategic goals and make sense of the evolving health care landscape.

HIT and Analytics


  • Health information technology consulting
  • Analytics
  • External quality review (EQR)

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